Zatha 8

Zatha 8

Using the raw beauty of each material, the Zatha has been designed to be an optimized instrument.
The use of carbon fibre for the neck and body makes for an incredibly stiff, strong and lightweight instrument.
We believe the use of a stainless steel fretboard and frets provides a smooth and slick playing experience unlike many other materials.
The Zatha is currently the pinnacle model at Etherial. Lightweight. Strong and stable

-EMG, BareKnuckle pickups (other if specified) 
-Master volume, 3 way pickup selector
-Gotoh magnum locking tuners
-Graphtech string saver saddles with string through mounting
-24 Stainless steel frets (Jescar 110 jumbo size)
-Locking strap pins

-27" - 25" multiscale or 28" - 26"
-18mm scooped profile neck
-Flat fretboard
-Total mass 2.8 kg/ 6.2 lb

-Stainless steel/ aluminum laminated fretboard
-Carbon fiber body plate
-Carbon fiber neck
-Lightweight and strong 

-Choose your pickups to craft your tone

-Single bridge or neck and bridge pickup set 

  • Payment options

    -Full payment option is the price of the guitar and case.  Shipping is added at the checkout process


    - 2x 50% payments the first is done via the order section of the website. Once placed we will contact you to arrange the next 50%. Shipping is additional and paid at completion of the build 


    -4x 25% payments, this is a payment plan of sorts. The first 25% is the deposit which is paid through the web store. The next 3 payments will be setup as a payment schedule as a paypal payment request. This can be paid with paypal or with a card. Shipping is additional and paid at completion of the build



    -If you're in need of a smaller payment plan we can work out a sceduled payment arrangement. 


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