Mor Cylch DU6

  • Production Description

    The Mor Cylch has been designed in collaboration with Dale Upright from My Heart to Fear.

    A tribute to metal and the redevelopment on an old Etherial concept, this guitar is designed to be lightweight, durable and stable. This is due to its carbon fibre construction as this material is far less susceptible to temperature and humidity making it an ideal choice.

    Carefully balancing form and function, wild looks but with comfort a priority.

    These are individually handmade to order here in Australia. Order yours today!

  • Specifications


    -ABM 3250 Bridge

    -Gotoh Locking machine heads


    Pickup options

    -EMG 81-XH Bridge | EMG 85-XH Neck


    Standard Wiring

    -Master Volume, 3 way toggle,

    -Switchcraft barrel jack



    -Width at nut: 42mm

    -Width at 24th: 55mm

    -Neck thickness at nut 17mm

    -Neck thickness at heel 17mm

    - 1st fret: 0.4mm -------24th fret 1 - 1.1mm

    - 1st fret: 0.4mm ----- 24th fret : 1.2mm



    -Etherial Scooped neck

    -20” Radius fretboard


    Scale and strings:

    -26” Single scale

    -24 jumbo frets, 0.110” Evo Gold

    -Setup gauge : 60-11

    -Setup tuning : CGCFAD



    -Carbon fiber neck

    -Carbon Fiber fretbaord

    -Carbon fiber body panels with Flax surfaces

    -White block side markers

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