• Production Description

    The Elith is a reimagined design approach while celebrating each material creating beauty in form and function.  

    The Elith is proudly made here in Australia, individually carefully assembly and crafted largely by hand.

  • Specifications



    -Graphtech string saver saddles, string through

    -Graphtech ratio tuners

    -Graphtech nut with Zero Fret


    Pickup options

    -EMG 81-7XH Bridge |   EMG 85-7XH Neck

    -BareKnuckle Brute Force  - BLACK

    -Fishman Fluence Modern  Black Nickel       

    -Fishman Fluence Modern  Brushed Stainless    

    -Other pickups can be ordered in, Please specifiy if you have a desired make and model. 


    Standard Wiring

    - EMG and BareKnuckle

    -Master Volume, 3 way toggle, 

    -Switchcraft barrel jack



    Standard Wiring

    - Fishman Fluence Modern

    -Master Volume. 6 way freeway switch  (3x Humbucker options +3x Single coil) with an additional mini switch for voice 2

    -Switchcraft barrel jack



    -6 string Width at nut: 42mm Width at 24th: 55mm

    -7 string Width at nut: 48mm Width at 24th: 68mm

    -8 string Width at nut: 54mm Width at 24th: 74mm

    -Neck thickness at nut 18mm

    -Neck thickness at heel 18mm

    - 1st fret: 0.4mm -------24th fret 1 - 1.1mm

    - 1st fret: 0.4mm ----- 24th fret : 1.2mm



    -Scooped neck

    -Flat fretboard


    Scale and strings:

    -6 string:  26" - 25'

    -7 String : 27” – 25.5” 

    -8 String 28"-26" 

    -24 jumbo frets, 0.110"  Stainless steel

    -Setup gague : 10-59

    -Setup tuning : ebGDAE- B- F#



    -Carbon fiber neck

    -5005 Grade Aluminum top

    -Acrylic backing

    -Composite fretboard

    -Total mass: 3.5kg

    -White block side markers

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