Standard features: 27 0.110" jescar stainless steel frets, 18mm scooped neck, carbon fiber neck and fretboard, your choice of pickups.

    ABM 3210 single bridges are the standard setup, however this can be upgraded to a Kahler tremolo system


    CS ALI features are solid carbon fiber fretboard. Various inlay options are availalbe such as glow in the dark colours. Options B and D are stainless steel with black etchings


    The CS ALI has a half aluminum half carbon fiber body. This is mostly for visual effect, however the carbon fiber serves as vital structual skeleton


    Carbon fiber necks will easily tollerate more abuse and impact that traditional timber necks. They are incredibly stable in temperature and humidity changes which makes them ideal for various locations around the world.


    Each guitar is made to order so please note your desired tuning as this will help us determine and optimised scale length or range for multiscale.

    Inlay options are show on images above.


    Please also note your pickup selection... EMG, BareKnuckle, Qtuner. Other models can be ordered in but will induce additional cost.


    -Once your order is placed you will be contacted to confirm a specification sheet to ensure all the details of your guitar and exact and precise. If you desire inlay work the options will be discussed before we proceed.

    -Each CS ALI is made to order so there will be a build time of 15 weeks.


    -Over the course of the build you will be updated on progress.



    Use our online price calculator to determine cost for your customised build

    Once you've determined the price you can pay in full or opt "Deposit" for a payment plan. $1000 deposit to start the process, the rest can be paid off in 2-3 smaller payments.