Azwen Headless 8

Azwen Headless 8

This headless version of the Azwen is focued on one aspect.

Absolute quality. 

All hardware, materials and details have been carefeully designed  to offer the what we believe are the best options for this configuration of an instrument. 


We've leaving pickup options up to you so you can craft your tone,

Other details such as fretboard patterns can be added or removed to best suit your preferences. Custom fretboard patterns can be done upon request. 

  • Headless Hardware

    We believe T4M (Technology for Musicains, Italy) Offers the very best headless hardware. This is why it's been selected as the optimal bridge/locking solution for this 8 string. 

    For more specific details about this hardware visit T4M 


  • Specifications

    • 28"-26" Mulitscale as Standard. Can offer single scale 28" if prefered 
    • Carbon fiber neck (with truss rod)
    • Stainless Steel or Carbon fiber fretboard
    • 18mm thick Scooped Neck Profile
    • 27 Stainless Steel Frets - JesCar 110" 
    • Alumiumin body (5005 Grade) 
    • Carbon fiber/Aluminium backing plates 
    • 54mm wide neck at nut
    • 74mm wide neck at 24th fret
    • Graphtech Nut with Zero Fret
    • T4M Hardware 
    • Various Pickup options 
Fretboard Material
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