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The Vision

Unearthly Artistry for Guitarists and Bassists. 

To design and build instruments with contemporary/experimental elements that push the convention of current perceptions.

Our main goal is to challenge the tradition of timber construction by working extensively with carbon fiber aluminium and stainless steel.  

These materials provide superior qualities such as rigidity and resonance which make in turn a more stable and reliable instrument and most importantly sound great.


While having materials to provide superior properties at Etherial it’s also about rethinking 3D form, specifically form defined

by parameters of geometry. 

In a specific sense designs that are not of this world, which is the core vision, in a word Etherial.

Our diverse range caters to the shred lord in training through to the seasoned professional and everyone in between

not only providing a practical instrument but what many consider works of art.


Who Is Etherial

Based in Australia the owner of Etherial Matthew Brown has, over the course of 10 years, dedicated himself to the advancement of his skills as both a designer and craftsman resulting in a vast skill set in practical approach and thinking


Working extensively with carbon fiber, metals and polymers , he’s an artisan who blends old techniques rarely used with modern techniques and processes, while also being obsessed with pushing the limits of what can be done.

Obtaining a degree in Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from the University of Technology Sydney, with honours, Matthew is a professionally qualified industrial designer, giving him knowledge in advanced materials, processing, design thinking and application.

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